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Seeking Nibbana in Sri Lanka

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Author: Jason Siff


Seeking Nibbana in Sri Lanka is a finely crafted novel that succeeds both as a work of literature and as a profound reflection on the nature of Buddhist spiritual experience. In following the young Western monk Sumana into the Sri Lankan jungle to meet his teacher Aggachitta, we are drawn into a world of conflicting perceptions, in which sincerity and self-doubt, the mundane and the transcendent, are woven together into a poignant and moving tapestry of intersecting human lives.? Stephen Batchelor, author of ?Buddhism without Beliefs? Jason Siff is a Buddhist meditation teacher. He lives in a small town in the mountains of Southern California. He was a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka in the 1980?s and draws upon that experience in this novel. His first novel, ?King Bimbisara?s Chronicler,? was published in 2001.