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Carya : Dancing away to Nirvana

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Author: Arun Shrestha


Arun Shrestha, a prolific writer in research journals and on digital platform as an empirical scholar on carya of vajrayana Buddhism, born to Purna Das Shrestha and Krishna Devi Shrestha in April 24, 1947, with schooling and initial college years from Mumbai, Maharashtra Board and Bombay University, holding an academic qualification in economics and English Literature from T.U., Kathmandu with career spanning as a management personnel. 

Two papers presented on Carya and Caryanrtya on the auspices of Department of Education and Sanskritik Sansthan, Kathmandu, Nepal. And has been writing consistently for 'Sirjana: the journal of arts and art education' on carya.

To him, carya is an aesthetic spiritualism.