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Himalayan region


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Author: Andrew Bloomfield & Yanki Tshering


A revised version of Tibetan Phrasebook. Many students have expressed that this book and tapes are a wonderful language tool and much more than a phrasebook. So we expanded the Tibetan Phrasebook into a larger format and included the Tibetan script in addition to the phonetic system to make it useful as a practical Tibetan language study tool. It begins by introducing both a phonetic system and a simple yet complete grammar. In addition to containing phrases and dialogues, each chapter is preceded by useful information, vocabulary, and some pointers about Tibetan customs and etiquette. The appendices include these helpful sections: numbers, dates, days and time, dates of festivals, religious and monastic vocabulary and a general vocabulary. Now available with your choice of either three hours on a MP3 disk or two cassettes so you can learn how to speak Tibetan correctly. You will hear the clear Tibetan voice of Yanki Tshering.