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The History of Bhutan

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Author: Karma Phuntsho


The first-ever full length history of Bhutan by one of its most pre-eminent scholars In recent years, the remote kingdom of Bhutan has increasingly attracted the attention of the world. In 2008, it emerged as the worlds youngest democracy and in the same year crowned the worlds youngest monarch. This was followed by the new Kings colourful wedding in 2011. Today, it continues to enchant the rest of the world with its policy of Gross National Happiness and has become a very popular destination for travel. But, despite its growing popularity and the rising scholarly interest in the country, Bhutan remains one of the most poorly studied places on earth. Karma Phuntshos The History of Bhutan is the first-ever attempt to cover the entire history of Bhutan in some detail in English, combining both traditional perspectives and modern academic analysis. Written by a leading expert on the country, the book tells the story of Bhutan in a narrative style interspersed with some analytical and topical discussion, and numerous citations and translations from earlier writings. It is primarily a historical account, but it also includes substantive discussions of Bhutans geography, culture and society to give the readers an incisive introduction to the country. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr Karma Phuntsho is a leading scholar on Bhutan and teaches Buddhism and Bhutan Studies in the country and abroad. He finished his full monastic training before he joined Oxford University to pursue a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies. Since 2003, he has worked as a research fellow at Cambridge University and CNRS, Paris. The author of several books and numerous articles, he speaks and writes extensively on Bhutans history, religion and culture. His current work focuses on the documentation and study of Bhutans written and oral cultures. He is also an enthusiastic social worker and the founder of the Loden Foundation, a leading educational charity in Bhutan.