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Art Of Tibet (World Of Art)

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Author: Robert E. Fisher


With the spread of Buddhism among Westerners and the controversy over its status, interest in Tibet has never been greater. This mysterious land, now a province of the Peoples Republic of China, has produced some of the most fascinating and creative art in the world. From silk embroidery and textiles to painting, sculpture, and manuscripts, Tibetan art has striking qualities that set it apart from other Buddhist and Asian art. Robert Fisher takes the reader through the history of Tibetan art, starting from its origins in the early days of the Tibetan kingdom. From a bleak and often inaccessible landscape arose a religious and artistic world so vibrant and sophisticated that even Chinas emperors commissioned works. The art and spiritual life of the region are inextricably intertwined, and Dr. Fisher explores the distinctive character of that relationship. Careful attention is also given to ritual objects, which comprise some of the most important works of art in Tibetan culture. 180 illustrations, 93 in color