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The Cult of pure Crystal Mountain popular pilgrimage and visionary Landscape in Southeast Tibet

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Author: Toni Huber


This is a work that will repay repeated readings....Hubers [book] is a groundbreaking work of great significance to both Tibetan and Asian Studies that will also be of interest to scholars and students of Religious Studies and anthropology in general. It is a well-written, balanced, and insightful account of a complex subject, one that we may hope will be the model for future case studies of Tibets other neri mountains.Journal of Buddhist Ethics Product Description The Tibetan district of Tsari with its sacred snow-covered peak of Pure Crystal Mountain has long been a place of symbolic and ritual significance for Tibetan peoples. In this book, Toni Huber provides the first thorough study of a major Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage center and cult mountain, and explores the esoteric and popular traditions of ritual there. The main focus is on the period of the 1940s and 50s, just prior to the 1959 Lhasa uprising and subsequent Tibetan diaspora into South Asia. Hubers work thus documents Tibetan life patterns and cultural traditions which have largely disappeared with the advent of Chinese colonial modernity in Tibet. In addition to the works documentary content, Huber offers discussion and analysis of the construction and meaning of Tibetan cultural categories of space, place, and person, and the practice of ritual and organization of traditional society in relation to them.