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My Life My Culture

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Author: Dr Lobsang Wangyal


As our bus wormed its way up the hill i had the first tiny glimpse of Dharamsala in the early morning. I saw the vista of the mighty Dhauladar mountain range, upon whose lap the centre of the Tibetan diaspora is situated. The crisp November air brushed my cheeks, as I surveyed the green hills covered with trees. The blue sky and peaceful environment reminded me of Tibet before the Chinese occupation, when life was less complicated and unburdened by thought control and repressive policies. Soon after our arrival we were accommodated in the Reception Centre and were allotted rooms. Reclining on the bed I raised my arms and stretched my tired legs without fear of a hammer striking down. My life My culture is a testimony to Chinas occupation of Tibet which led to unimaginable collective suffering and individual heroism. It tells of the triumph of compassion and human endurance transcending the calculated annihilation of a nation and a culture.