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Frank Kingdon Wards Riddle Of The Tsangpo Gorges

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Author: Kenneth Cox


le explored and virtually inaccessible, the Tsangpo Gorge in south-east Tibet is the worlds deepest gorge. Through it twists the Yarlong Tsangpo, Tibets great river, emerging from below on the plains of India. This is the story of its exploration and the rich plant and animal life found there. Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges, first published in 1926, is the fascinating account of plant-hunter and explorer Frank Kingdon Ward’s most important expedition. Kenneth Cox, Kenneth Storm, Jr. and Ian Baker have spent the last fifteen years retracing the route of the 1924-25 expedition and have managed to reach further into this magical and only partly explored land. The book contains the original Kingdon Ward text and extensive additional material including a history of the exploration, geography and religious significance of the area and more than 250 colour photographs with detailed captions on the plants of the area, most of which are described by Kingdon Ward in the original text. A photographic essay documents for the first time in a book the new Hidden Falls located in the portion of the gorge left unexplored by Frank Kingdon Ward and Lord Cawdor in 1924. This updated edition features additional, new material that covers The Tsangpo Gorges in the 21st Century. It incorporates not only the teams more recent expeditions, from 2002, made into the region but also discusses its ecological future, including the highly-controversial possible construction of massive hydro-electric dams, which would involve the flooding and destruction of the area.