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A History of the Tibetan Empire: According to the Dunhuang Manuscripts (2011 Edition)

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The first survey of its kind based on ancient manuscripts from Dunhuang and told in a modern Tibetan voice, A History of the Tibetan Empire starts with an examination of the dynasty\'s prehistoric origins and then proceeds to trace the line of Pugyal tsenpo, or emperors, from the founding emperor Nyatri Tsenpo in the 5th century BC, until the empire\'s collapse in the 9th century AD following the assassination of the last emperor Uidum Tsenpo (Lang Darma). Along the way, Drikung Chetsang Thrinley Lhundup presents authoritative annotations of archaic terms and renders the original texts into simple, modern language. The Tibetan manuscripts discovered in Dunhuang at the turn of the last century lay buried under the the sands of a forgotten Silk Road oasis for a thousand years. As authentic and unaltered records of events in Pugyal Tibet, these documents comprise the earliest and most reliable sources on the Tibetan dynasty, providing us with a valuable window into the social structure, politics, legal system, military and economic matters, religion, and culture fo Pugyal Tibet. In addition, they contain ample material on alliances, disputes, and other relations between Tibet and her neighboring countries and peoples. A History of the Tibetan Empire in sure to delight the reader with Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche\'s lucid readings of the source texts and insightful commentary on a wide array of topics, informed by his readings in Tibetan and Chinese history. The result is a valuable contribution to the study of Tibetan history and culture.