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Haribhatta Jatakamala

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Author: Edited by Martin Straube


The present book contains the entire Sanskrit text of Haribhatta’s Jatakamala (ca. AD 400), as far as it has been preserved in a few manuscripts presently accessible to us. Haribhatta’s work belongs to the Buddhist genre of “Garlands of stories about previous lives of the Buddha” and represents a rare specimen of early Sanskrit poetry written in the Campu style. Since 1904 when scholars first learned about Haribhatta’s Jatakamala from Tibetan sources, it was assumed that the Sanskrit work has been irretrievably lost and that it has survived only in its Tibetan translation. Although in the 1970s some parts of the original Sanskrit text were discovered and later made known in various publications by the late Professor Michael Hahn, a complete and handy edition of the entire work did not appear in print. The present book aims to close this gap by offering a critical re-edition of all parts which have been previously published, and by supplying new editions of those parts which have not been published before. The Sanskrit text is fully annotated with text-critical notes and explanatory comments, and is followed by various indices and a glossary of unknown and noteworthy words.