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Freeing Yourself From The Cycle

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Author: Geshe Palden Drakpa


 this compilation of articles of Geshe Palden Drakpa published under the title ‘Freeing Yourself from the Cycle’. Geshe Palden Drakpa can be counted as one of the greatest Buddhist scholars living today in exile. The compilation here can be categorized into two parts. The first is dealing more with the philosophical aspects like the concept of ‘creator’ and protector’, and the nature of existence. The second part deals more with the practical features, such as generation of love and compassion, engagement in virtuous practices and abandonment of non-virtuous action, and the purposes behind undertaking practices of circumambulation and offering prostrations.
In Buddhism the main focus is for inner transformation, and the way to achieve that is through proper understanding of reality, the way thing are, rather than through prayers and blessings from some external agent. As one Tibetan master has aptly said:
There is no one who will catch hold of your hand and throw you into heaven.
There is no one who will catch hold of your leg and pull you into hell.
Your wellbeing and happiness are in your own hands.
It is extremely important that you do not deceive yourself.
The best way of helping oneself is to become more independent and free as opposed to depending upon superficial and fleeting sources of happiness and peace.
viii Freeing Yourself from the Cycle
This book by Geshe Palden Drakpa will help the readers understand both the philosophical and practical aspects of the fundamental teachings of the Buddha. True to the spirit of a good teacher, Geshe La was not expecting any popularity in publishing this book. When I formally explained to him about this publication he was happy, but when I requested from him a brief autobiography he said ‘I have nothing to say about myself.’ Luckily on my persistent request he kindly spared time to give me a brief write-up of his life.