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Instructions For Practising The View Of Other Emptiness: A Text Of Oral Instructions By Jamgon Kon

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Author: Tony Duff


Other Emptiness, or Zhantong in Tibetan, is the most profound view taught by the Buddha. It is the very basis of the teaching of the majority of Tibetan Buddhist schools, though has been overwhelmed by some reactive Tibetan Buddhist schools who have argued against it. As a result, it has not been well understood in the West, where it is often thought of as a complicated philosophical view enshrouded in argument. In fact, Other Emptiness is the penultimate teaching of the sutras and the root of all tantras. This book unequivocally shows that the Buddha did not teach this ultimate of views as a complicated philosophy for scholarly argument but as a practical view to be used for the attainment of enlightenment. The author has received extensive explanations on the Middle Way view during nearly forty years of close association with eminent teachers of all four Tibetan Buddhist schools, so has an unusually clear and comprehensive understanding of the Other Emptiness view. He has recently written a series of books which show Other Emptiness from Kagyu, Nyingma, and Jonang perspectives. This book showcases an instruction manual for the actual practise of the Other Emptiness view. The manual was written by Jamgon Kongtrul, one of the great masters of the Kagyu school. He wrote the manual after going to the throne-holder of the Jonang school, who gave him the entire Jonang transmission of Other Emptiness. This book has an extensive introduction which will go far towards clarifying Other Emptiness for scholars and practitioners alike. The introduction examines Other Emptiness from many sides, so that even readers who are not technically inclined can understand it. For those who are technically inclined, the text itself provides a wealth of detail on how to develop the view and do the meditation of Other Emptiness.