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Nepal Down The Ages : Glimpses of Nepali History, Culture and Lifestyle in Paintings by Hari Prasad Sharma

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Author: Paintings by Hari Prasad Sharma


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Book Description

This book consists of a collection of paintings by Hari Prasad Sharma. These paintings were created over the course of decades of intense research and meticulous artistry. The paintings provide a rich visualization of the history, culture, social life, economy, political development, and public administration of the Kathmandu Valley and beyond. They capture the most important events and turning points in Nepali history and present them chronologically in majestic depictions. 

This book focuses mainly on the Kathmandu Valley and the Newar, its dominant indigenous inhabitants, who have created a rich heritage of art and architecture, customs and festivals, food culture and music, and a tradition of living in harmony with nature. These aspects of Newar culture, developed over centuries of practice and refinement are being forgotten in the present context of modernisation. 

This book has portrayed these invaluable aspects of Newar culture. This collection of paintings along with a rich narrative gives readers an encyclopaedic perspective of the Kathmandu Valley. It will serve as a useful reference for foreigners to know Nepal and its people. Owning this book for the home library will be a great pride as a learning material for younger generations and a favourite pastime for the elderly. 

About the Artist


Born in 1937 in Kathmandu to an ordinary Brahmin family and still active, painter Hari Prasad Sharma is widely recognised for his realistic oil paintings on important events in the national history of Nepal. These paintings are based on intensive research combined with the artist’s imagination. 

Sharma’s work is also admired for their depiction of common people’s life and lifestyles that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Kathmandu. The paintings stand out distinctly among contemporary paintings in terms of large group composition, meticulous detail, use of light and shade, and three-dimensional effects. Thousands of reprints of his paintings can be found in living rooms, hotels, restaurants and other public places in Nepal and around the world.