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Hierarchy and its Discontents: Culture and the Politics of Consciousness in Caste Society

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Author: Steven M. Paris


This Book Provides a First-hand Account of The Practice of Caste System Among the Newar Hindus in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Through Extensive Interviews Conducted With Members of Different Castes, it Associated with the Day-to Day Functioning of The Caste System This Study Records Ambivalence And Dissent Along The Margins And At The Heart Of The Caste System, Documenting Both Acceptance Of And Resistance To Definitions Of Self And Society Imposed By Caste Ideology, Condition Good.

The study illustrate how Newar Hindus struggle with the ambivalence of a system that fills their everyday lives with injustice and yet is viewed as a moral basis for traditional hindu civilization, and at the heart of the caste system, documenting acceptance of and resistance to definitions of self and society imposed by caste ideology.