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Hidden Treasures and Secret Lives: A Study of Pemalingpa (1450-1521) and the Sixth Dalai Lama (1683-

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Author: Aris Michael


A Study of Pemalingpa (1450-1521) and the Sixth Dalai Lama (1683-1706) Described as a case study in the mystique of Lamaism, this book analyses the central mysteries in the lives of the two best known but still enigmatic Buddhist saints from the Eastern Himalayas. While Pemalingpa was a professional treasure hunter (a rediscoverer of hidden texts), the much-loved Sixth Dalai Lama was a rebel now remembered as the author of a celebrated collection of lyrical love poetry. Less well known are the sources disclosing the extraordinary secrets that are claimed to have surrounded both the birth and death of this Dalai Lama. By a close reading of the Tibetan texts, the author introduces a new and human perspective to the historical study of the Buddhist saints.