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Deity Yoga

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Author: Dalai Lama / Tsong-Ka-pa


Deity Yoga describes the profound process of meditation in Action and Performance Tantras. It is a invaluable book for anyone who is practicing or interested in Buddhist tantra. It is comprised of three parts: Heart of Mantra by the Dalai Lama is a lucid exposition of the meditative rites of deity yoga-the distinctly tantric process in which yogis visualize themselves in the form of a Buddhas divine body as a manifestation of compassionate wisdom. The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra-parts 2 & 3 by Tsong-ka-pa, details the practices of Action and Performance Tantras. Special deity yoga techniques for the development of the heart, mind and physical form of a Buddha are presented in a coherent series of yogic exercises. The mudras (hand gestures) that accompany the meditations are clearly illustrated. Supplement by Jeffrey Hopkins outlines in detail the structure of Action Tantra practices as well as the need for the development of special yogic powers.