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The Precepts in Eight Chapters: From The Oral transmission of the great Perfection in Zhangzhung

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Author: Jean Luc Achard


Without the slightest doubt, the text of The Eight precepts is one of the most fundamental works of the whole Dzogchen tradition. It is thus no wonder that it was classified under the secret division of the Zhangzhung Nyengyu texts. The teachings disclosed in its contents are certainly complex, and demand a subtle approach in order to uncover their real meaning. They may also sometimes appear repetitive and redundant, but they actually convey many instructions and clarification which are difficult to find elsewhere. Patient and careful study of each individual chapter will undoubtedly unfold a new understanding and a deepeing of the knowledge of the natural state. In fact, this is a work containing the sum of all Dzogchen teachings presented in a symbolic form whose secrets are disclosed within its eight chapters. In some ways, it contains the core of the Initiation to the Dynamism of Awareness in that it reveals the actual contents of this initiation in very direct terms. Therefore, to ensure proper understanding, each chapter should be carefully studied before proceeding to the next one.