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Himalayan region

Oracles and Demons of Tibet

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Author: Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz


The iconography of the deities worshiped by the Tibetan as guardian of Buddhism belongs to the least known field of Tibetan studies. The numerous class of protective divinities comprises many figures who originally belonged to the pantheon of the old Tibetan Bon faith. A study of the Tibetan protective deities and their cult, apart from the giving an insight into a little known aspect of Lamaism, reveals new faces regarding the beliefs of pre-Buddhist Tibet and their relation to the early shamanistic stratum out of which the Bon religion developed. The Author has made available foe the researchers and scholars invaluable material specially on the ceremonies involving ritual dances, divination, black magic and weathermaking. The voluminous text is amply supported by Tibetan blockprints, sketches, pictures and a large number of rare photographs and drawings.