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Himalayan region

A Study of Early History of Tibet According to Bon

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Author: Ven.Tenzin Namdhak


An analytical work on the history and origin of Tibet based on the written facts as reflected in Bonpo Cannons. Comparative study with other early works on the subject like Tunhung documents, The Clear Mirror, White Annals etc. has been made from the scholarly angle. Thanks to the scholars like Professor Namkhai Norbu, D. Snellgrove, k. Samten etc., study on Bon as treasure trove of Tibetan history and culture is gaining momentum. The Author has without making any judgement laid bare before us with a vast sources of knowledge fortifying the fact that history of Tibet can be studied along with the other great civilizations of the world. A powerful and very revealing book, scholars and students of Tibetan history and culture cannot afford to ignore it.