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Himalayan region

Tibetan Painting: The Jucker Collection

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Author: Hugo Kreijer


Starting with paintings of the historical Buddha and his emanations and followed by bodhisattvas, historical and mythological figures, protectors of the Buddhist law and tutelary deities, the last part of the book is devoted to rare Bardo paintings (divinities that appear to the deceased after death), black background scrolls and mandalas. The collection is especially strong in representations of fierce divinities of which thirty are reproduced and concludes with important scroll paintings from the Bon tradition. The selection of these paintings, which date between the late twelfth and early twentieth centuries, was made on the basis of their stylistic or iconographic rarity or because of their sheer beauty . With the exception of a few masterpieces, this is the first time they have been published. The Jucker Collection brings interesting and new material for the study of the sacred art of Tibet. Notes, bibliography, glossary and index