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Author: Chikyo Yamamoto


Mah?vairocana-s?tra:  (Sanskrit: “Great Illuminator S?tra”, )Japanese Dainichi-ky?, text of late Tantric Buddhism and a principal scripture of the large Japanese Buddhist sect known as Shingon (“True Word”). The text received a Chinese translation, under the title Ta-jih Ching, about AD 725, and its esoteric teachings were propagated a century later in Japan by K?kai. These teachings, which have been called cosmotheism, centre upon Mah?vairocana (in Japanese, Dainichi Nyorai), the supreme cosmic buddha, whose body forms the universe. Through elaborate mystic rituals with a distinctly Indian flavour (even involving certain Hindu deities), one is led to realize that all one’s thoughts, words, and actions are in reality Mah?vairocana’s