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Konarka — Chariot of the Sun-God

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Author: Baumer, Bettina


One of the greatest treasures of Indian Temple architecture and on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, The Sun Temple of Konarka on the East coast of Orissa stands as a witness to the cult of Surya. Even in its dilapidated condition it represents the unique beauty and harmony of architecture and sculpture combined. The present book attempts a fresh approach in understanding its symbolism. The splendid photographs of the renowned Japanese photographer Oki Morihiro bring out the grandeur of the conception of the chariot of the Sun God, and the excellence of its sculptures with delightful details. The volume is introduced by two scholars in the fields of Orissan temple architecture and archaeology. Bettina Baumer in her introduction approaches the temple with a new interpretation, based on the Saura, Vedic and Tantric traditions, throwing light on its symbolism and its mystical dimension. M.A. Konishi places the temple in its historical and geographical context and its importance as a World Heritage. The book provides both, a visual delight by the excellent photographs, and a scholarly insight and introduction to this great monument of Orissa. It can well serve as a guide to understanding and appreciating the temple of Konarka.