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All Roads Lead North : Nepal's Turn to China

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Author: Amish Raj Mulmi


‘By a deft combination of long-range historical perspective and scrupulous reportage, Mulmi turns the searchlight on Nepal’s ties with Tibet and China. His tightly crafted narrative and argument revises much of the received wisdom on the recent trajectory of Nepal's foreign relations. This book should be required reading for everyone in New Delhi dealing with Nepal and for anyone interested in understanding China's growing footprint in the subcontinent.’

-Srinath Raghavan, author of The Most Dangerous Place: A History of the United States in South Asia

‘In All Roads Lead North, Amish Mulmi examines the rich history of Nepal’s global engagement through its northern border, marked as it is by trade, cultural exchange, political manoeuvring, and occasional conflict, even war. Whether he be writing about Kathmandu’s Lhasa traders or the ordinary inhabitants of the remote Himalayan borderlands, Mulmi fuses meticulous on-the-ground reportage with his vast knowledge of history. As such, he corrects the common understanding of Nepal as a satellite of India, and places the nation in its proper geopolitical context. This book introduces readers to Nepal anew.’

-Manjushree Thapa, author of Forget Kathmandu


About the Author

Amish Raj Mulmi’s writings have been published in The Himalayan Arc: Journeys East of South East (HarperCollins India, 2018) and Best Asian Speculative Fiction (Kitaab, 2018). He has written for, among others, Al Jazeera, Roads and Kingdoms, Himal Southasia, India Today, The Kathmandu Post and The Record. He is consulting editor at Writer’s Side Literary Agency, and has previously worked for Juggernaut Books and Hachette India. He is from Pokhara. This is his first book.