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Tibetan Dictionary and Langauge Books
Tibetan Dictionary and Langauge Books

Product ID: # 0937938343
Author Name: Joe Wilson, Jr.
Price: US$ 65.00
Description: This complete textbook on classical Tibetan is suitable for beginning or intermediate students. It begins with rules for reading, writing, and pronouncing Tibetan, gradually carrying the reader through the patterns seen in the formation of words, and into the repeating patterns of Tibetan phrases, clauses, and sentences. Students with prior experience will find the seven appendices which review the rules of pronunciation, grammar and syntax provide an indispensable reference. It balances traditi
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Product ID: # 1559390980
Author Name: Andrew Bloomfield & Yanki Tshering
Price: US$ 19.95
Description: A revised version of Tibetan Phrasebook. Many students have expressed that this book and tapes are a wonderful language tool and much more than a phrasebook. So we expanded the Tibetan Phrasebook into a larger format and included the Tibetan script in addition to the phonetic system to make it useful as a practical Tibetan language study tool. It begins by introducing both a phonetic system and a simple yet complete grammar. In addition to containing phrases and dialogues, each chapter is preced
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Product ID: # 1559391782
Book Name: HOW TO READ CLASSICAL TIBETAN: Volume 1, A Summary of the General Path
Author Name: Craig Preston
Price: US$ 39.95
Description: All the language tools you need to work at your own pace are in one place. You will not need a dictionary because all of the words and particles are translated and explained upon every occurrence, and there is a complete glossary at the end of the book; every sentence is diagramed and completely explained so that you can easily see how the words and particles are arranged to convey meaning. Because everything is always explained in every sentence, you will easily learn to recognize the recur
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Product ID: # 1559391898
Author Name: Nicolas Tournadre and Sangda Dorje
Price: US$ 80.00
Description: The Manual of Standard Tibetan presents the everyday speech of Lhasa, as it is currently used in Tibet as well as amongst the Tibetan diaspora. It not only places the language in its natural context, but also highlights along the way key aspects of Tibetan civilization and Vajrayana Buddhism. The Manual, which consists of forty-one lessons, is illustrated with many drawings and photographs, and also includes two informative political and linguistic maps of Tibet. Two CDs provide an essential
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Product ID: # 7800575403
Book Name: Dung dkar tshig mdzod chen mo, Tibetan-Tibetan dictionary (White Conch)
Author Name:
Price: US$ 60.00
Description: Tibetan Only, Western book format, 2388 pages
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Product ID: # 81-85102-28-7
Book Name: Modern Tibetan Language Vol.I
Author Name: Lobsang Thonden
Price: US$ 5.95
Description: This revised text book based on the authors long experience of teaching Tibetan to foreigners provides a solid introduction to the Tibetan language. Beginning with the alphabet, vowels and combination of letters, it presents the fundamental structures of the languages, each section being accompanied by exercises.
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Product ID: # 81-85102-49-x
Book Name: Modern Tibetan Language Vol.II
Author Name: Lobsang Thonden
Price: US$ 4.95
Description: The second volume adds to the first explaining more complex verb patterns, comparison of adjectives, notions of time and dating, use of gerundive particles, adverbs and so forth, as well as introducing some idiomatic expressions, rhyming terms and Tibetan forms of address. Again exercises accompany the relevant sections.
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Product ID: # 81-85102-57-0
Book Name: Textbook of Modern Colloquial Tibetan A Conversation (Audio Instructional Series I)
Author Name: Tashi
Price: US$ 2.95
Description: This collection of informal conversations in intended is intended for students of Tibetan language who can read, but require more experience of the colloquial language. The conversations deal with a number of every-day situations and present patterns that are easily adapted to other circumstances.
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Product ID: # 81-85102-68-6
Book Name: A Workbook on Tibetan Pronunciation (Intermediate Level) (Audio Instructional Series II)
Author Name: Kenneth Liberman and Ngawang Thondup Narkyid
Price: US$ 1.00
Description: This workbook results from an intensive course in conversational Tibetan at Eugene University, Oregon, USA. It provides an extensive oral drill for the purpose of training the students ear to recognize standard Tibetan pronunciation. For this reason, one should use the book with its accompanying cassette.
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Product ID: # 81-85102-90-2
Book Name: Tibetan Quadrisyllabics Phrases & Idioms
Author Name: Acharya Sangye T. Naga and Tsepak Rigzin
Price: US$ 3.95
Description: It is a compilation of Tibets rich repository of idioms and phrases. These are the important language which creates its life, beauty and melody. This book aims to bridge the gap between the literary and colloquial world. Its creation acts as an aid to the world of Classical and Modern language.
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Product ID: # 81-85102-98-8
Book Name: English for Beginners
Author Name: Lobsang Thonden
Price: US$ 1.95
Description: A manual for teaching English through the medium of Tibetan.
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Product ID: # 81-86230-00-9
Book Name: New English-Tibetan Dictionary
Author Name: Norbu Chophel
Price: US$ 2.95
Description: Because of its handiness and simple Tibetan equivalents of the English words, it has been very popular among the students of English as well as Tibetan language. Prefect sample of the most frequently used English words are taken to the benefit of the language students.
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Product ID: # 81-86230-01-7
Book Name: Say it in Tibetan
Author Name: Norbu Chophel
Price: US$ 2.95
Description: The book will be your bridge to cross over the Tibetan language barrier. All the Tibetan words and sentences are taped and given in English phonetics as they are pronounced/souned in colloquial Tibetan and not as they are written to give you a proper training in conversation in colloquial Tibetan.
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Product ID: # 81-86230-19-x
Book Name: New Plan Tibetan Grammer & Translation
Author Name: Prof. Pema Chinjor
Price: US$ 2.95
Description: This book is result of authors two decades of teaching Tibetan in the Department of Central Asian Studies, Punjab University, Chandigarh. It is designed to teach Tibetan through English in a very simple and natural way. Practical difficulties are dealt with explanation to enable the students to speak and write the language correctly. The vacalbularly throughout has been controlled so as to be within the range of the learners ability to understand them. A serious student of Tibetan langua
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Product ID: # 81-86230-26-2
Book Name: English-Japanese-Tibetan Conversational Hand Book
Author Name: Tsewang Gyalpo Arya
Price: US$ 75.00
Description: The book is first of its kind wherein a Japanese could learn Tibetan with help of English and a Tibetan could learn Japanese and English. And English speaking person can learn both Tibetan and Japanese with this book. The author has based this book on the teaching classes he had conducted in various institutions. Conversations are based on the topic related to day to day experiences. It is a precise and easy approach to master the language.
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Product ID: # 81-86230-42-4
Book Name: Tibetan Proverbs childrens voices from the homeland
Author Name: Dr. Lauren Alderfer
Price: US$ 5.95
Description: This charming collection of Tibetan proverbs, available in this limited edition, piognantly, captures the ancient wisdom of the Tibetan people. The colorful borders, beautifully painted by Tibetan refugee children, portray common images of the Tibetan culture and exemplify the deep connection young children have to their Buddhist tradition. Tibetans will enjoy celebrating the wisdom of their ancestors with the next generation while people of all lands will gain an appreciation of the wisdom and
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Product ID: # 81-864-70-31-x
Book Name: The New Light English-Tibetan Dictionary
Author Name: T.G. Dhongthog
Price: US$ 10.00
Description: This book is one of its kind. It covers a vast expanse of words for those eager to learn Tibetan words. It has approximately 40,000 words and a lot of books have been consulted to take out this book.
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Product ID: # 81-86470-30-1
Book Name: Colloquial Tibetan A Textbook of Lhasa Dialect
Author Name: Tseten Chonjore
Price: US$ 8.95
Description: Colloquial Tibetan is the result of the authors experience as a Tibetan language teacher to foreign students for 18 long years. It covers a detailed grammatical analysis of the Lhasa colloquial and clarifies the similarities and differences between literary and Lhasa colloquial grammar. In a simple fashion, the author follows a contextual teaching method introducing unique forms such as the personal /impersonal perspective, the evidentail categories carried by verbs and conjugations, the time-ba
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