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Tibetan Art and History
Tibetan Art and History

Product ID: # 1-932476-16-4
Book Name: Wooden Wonders Tibetan Furniture in secular and religious life
Author Name: David Kamansky
Price: US$ 50.00
Description: Wooden Wonders: Tibetan Furniture in Secular and Religious Life is the catalogue of an exhibition opening in November 2004 at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California. Encompassing masterpieces of Tibetan furniture design and decoration in all its forms, the 148 exhibits are drawn from the large group of public and private collections in the western United States, the result of an active interest in the preservation and research of this long overlooked Tibetan art form.
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Product ID: # 81-87138-73-4
Book Name: A Treasury of Drawings of Buddhas, Deities and Lamas of Tibet
Author Name: Keith Dowman
Price: US$ 5.00
Description: The Tibetan Buddhist pantheon is immense, the Nyingma school familiar with only a fraction of it, while the Nyingma Icons includes only the pre-eminent images in an ancient and vast tradition. Insofar as all the Tibetan schools recognise their own origins in the Nyingma School, however, the figures in this book are known to all Tibetan Buddhists, and as archetypal realities residing in human awareness they should resonate in the minds of all human beings. The sacred art of Tibet i
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Product ID: # 81-89738-30-5
Book Name: Tibetan Art
Author Name: Lokesh Chandra
Price: US$ 61.53
Description: Tibetan Art Author: Lokesh Chandra
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Product ID: # 85102-74-0
Book Name: A Basic Grammer of Modern Spoken Tibetan
Author Name: Tashi
Price: US$ 2.95
Description: This book is written for the non-Tibetan who have a keen interest in learning the grammar of spoken Tibetan. It is based on 12 years experience in teaching Tibetan language to foreigners at the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives, Dharamsala and one year of teaching and studying in the US.
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Product ID: # 962-7049-07-7
Book Name: Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet Vol I & II
Author Name: Ulrich Von Schroeder
Price: US$ 1800.00
Description: Volume One - India & Nepal 655 pages with 766 illustrations (749 colour, 17 half-tone); 34.5 x 24 x 6 cm; bound with slip-case Volume Two - Tibet & China 675 pages with 987 illustrations (949 colour, 38 half-tone); 34.5 x 24 x 6 cm; bound with slip-case includes maps, glossary, bibliography, chronological tables and extensive index
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Product ID: # 9627049050
Book Name: Buddhist Sculptures of Sri Lanka
Author Name: Ulrich von Schroeder
Price: US$ 1150.00
Description: Buddhist Sculptures of Sri Lanka
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Product ID: # 9627049093
Book Name: Indo-Tibetan Bronzes
Author Name: Ulrich von Schroeder
Price: US$ 720.00
Description: This book, the result of a sixteen year study of Buddhist art, is the first full-length publication concerning the stylistic evolution of the image casting traditions of northern India, the Himalayas and Tibet, as well as those of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The original intention of this publication was a general study of Tibetan art, which was requested by an art book publisher in 1977. Naturally, for a comprehensive study of Tibetan art, consideration also had to be given to the
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Product ID: # 978-0-500-51378-
Book Name: Asian Furniture A Directory and Sourcebook
Author Name: Peter Moss
Price: US$ 67.00
Description: Western-style furniture was a relatively late arrival in Asia, where climates and lifestyles were markedly different from those in Europe. But colonial incursions and the exigencies of history conspired to bring about profound changes, and furniture design in Asia blossomed into a major decorative art.
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Product ID: # 978-0841600935
Book Name: The Art of East Asia
Author Name: Gabriele Fahr-Becker
Price: US$ 71.80
Description: This volume presents the reader with the unique wealth of art forms in East Asia which have also exerted tremendous influence on Western art: ceramics, woodcarvings, sculptures and bronzes, porcelains and ink drawings from China; and from Japan, temple districts, imperial villas and Zen gardens, ukiyo painting of the Edo period, the famed No masques, as well as precious textiles and costumes. These are only a few of the many aspects selected by the authors to convey the wealth and unbelievable v
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Product ID: # 978-1932476323
Book Name: Bhutan: Hidden Lands of Happiness
Author Name: John Wehrheim
Price: US$ 85.25
Description: Wehrheims text represents a very personal account of wending his way across the interior, meeting the locals and listening to their stories. It is straightforward, but cant help but be compelling given the beautifully illustrated landscape and the rural realities of living in it. He is also as good a writer as he is a photographer, at once vivid, meditative and playfulBut amid the fun and good cheer, Wehrheim is careful not to romanticise Bhutan too much.
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Product ID: # 978-193247635-4
Book Name: The Dragon Gift The Sacred Arts of Bhutan
Author Name: Terese Tse Bartholomew and John Johnston
Price: US$ 85.25
Description: The Dragon Gift The Sacred Arts of Bhutan Author: Terese Tse Bartholomew and John Johnston
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Product ID: # 978-81-215-1195-
Book Name: Buddhist Goddesses of India
Author Name: Miranda Shaw
Price: US$ 24.61
Description: Buddhist Goddesses of India Author: Miranda Shaw
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Product ID: # 978-8184003116
Book Name: The History of Bhutan
Author Name: Karma Phuntsho
Price: US$ 30.00
Description: The first-ever full length history of Bhutan by one of its most pre-eminent scholars
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Product ID: # 978-962-7049-12-
Book Name: Tibetan Art of the Alain Bordier Foundation
Author Name: Ulrich Von Schroeder & Heidi Von Schroeder
Price: US$ 14.95
Description: Tibetan Art of the Alain Bordier Foundation Author: Ulrich Von Schroeder & Heidi Von Schroeder
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Product ID: # 9780861710980
Book Name: DEITIES OF TIBETAN BUDDHISM: The Zurich Paintings
Author Name: Martin Brauen, trans by Martin Willson
Price: US$ 240.00
Description: This is the most encyclopedic reference book of Tibetan images of enlightenment ever presented. Full color illustrations are reproduced here from a set of hand-painted woodblock prints created in 1810. This rare collection is presented along with extensive explanations of the meditative visualizations, mantras, and symbolism around each figure.
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Product ID: # 9781932476378
Author Name: Edited by Zara Fleming and J. Lkhagvademchig Shastri
Price: US$ 450.00
Description: Mongolian Buddhist Art: Masterpieces from the Museums of Mongolia presents for the first time 441 masterpieces of Mongolian Buddhist art from five major Mongolian museums: the Bogd Kahn Palace Museum, the Choijin Lama Temple Museum, the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, the Erdene Zuu Museum and the Danzanravjaa Museum.
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Product ID: # 9781932476385
Book Name: 108 Buddhist Statues in Tibet
Author Name: Ulrich von Schroeder
Price: US$ 40.00
Description: A comprehensive yet accessible guide to the artistic and stylistic development of Buddhist sculptures in Tibet. Mostly unknown to the outside world, the temples and storerooms of Tibets monasteries shelter a great number of ancient Buddhist objects. Not only are there a great number of Buddhist sculptures and paintings produced by Tibetan artists, but included also are rare examples originating from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burma, and China. These images have withstood sometimes more
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Product ID: # 978193247644-6
Book Name: Hidden Treasures of the Himalayas - Tibetan Manuscripts, Paintings and Sculptures of Dolpo
Author Name: Amy Heller
Price: US$ 95.00
Description: In 1999, a hidden library was found in the Nesar Temple at a remote village of Bicher, in Dolpo, Nepal.
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