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Product ID: # #9789994693351
Book Name: Tsongkapa - Preparing for Tantra
Author Name: Geshe L. Tharchin (Author) and M. Roach (Author)
Price: US$ 8.00
Description: This important work appears here in full with a commentary by the illustrious Pabongka Rinpoche (1878-1914), generally regarded as the foremost Tibetan Buddhist teacher of the last century. Both texts have been translated by Khen Rinpoche, Geshe Lobsang Tharchin-one of the last great masters of old Tibet, and a former abbot of Sera Mey Tibetan Monastery, one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in the world.
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Product ID: # 0-19-517373-2
Book Name: Dreaming the Great Brahmin Tibetan Traditions of the Buddhist Poet-Saint Saraha
Author Name: Kurtis R. Schaeffer
Price: US$ 50.00
Description: Dreaming the Great Brahmin explores how a Buddhist saint is created and recreated through narratives, poetry, art, ritual, and even dream visions. Kurtis Schaeffer offers the first comprehensive cultural and literary history of the well-known as the Great Brahmin. He argues that Saraha should be seen not as the founder of a tradition, but rather as its product. Dreaming the Great Brahmin offers the most comprehensive treatment of a central Buddhist saint, poet, and philosopher, and will engage
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Product ID: # 0-86171-396-6
Book Name: A Saint in Seattle The Life of the Tibetan Mystic Dezhung Rinpoche
Author Name: David P. Jackson
Price: US$ 34.61
Description: A Saint in Seattle The Life of the Tibetan Mystic Dezhung Rinpoche Author: David P. Jackson
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Product ID: # 0-86171-440-7
Book Name: Mind Training The Great Collection
Author Name: Geshe Thupten Jinpa
Price: US$ 46.15
Description: Mind Training The Great Collection Author: Geshe Thupten Jinpa
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Product ID: # 0-86171-443-1 Pr
Book Name: Taking the Result as the Path Core Teachings of the Sakya Lamdre Tradition
Author Name: Cyrus Stearns
Price: US$ 55.12
Description: Taking the Result as the Path Core Teachings of the Sakya Lamdre Tradition Author: Cyrus Stearns I
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Product ID: # 0-86171-452-0
Book Name: Ornament of Stainless Light An Exposition of the Kalachakra Tantra
Author Name: Khedrup Norsang Gyatso
Price: US$ 46.15
Description: The premiere volume of Thupten Jinpas thirty-two-volume Library of Tibetan Classics, inaugurated to coincide with the Dalai Lamas conferral of the initiation rite of Kalachakra in Toronto in April 2004.
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Product ID: # 0-89581-913-9
Book Name: Abhidharma Kosa Bhasyam
Author Name: Vasubandhu
Price: US$ 300.00
Description: A translation of Vasubandhu’s Abhidharma Kosa Bhasyam. The Sanskrit word “Abhidharma” means the systematic philosophy of Buddhism. From the time of the Buddha onward, the Buddha’s disciples, and many later generations of his followers studied, analyzed, and re-classified the teachings of the Buddha, and in the process created a unique field of study which has come to be known as the Abhidharma. Only a small but important portion of Abhidharma literature has been preserved in its origin
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Product ID: # 006053995x
Book Name: Spirit of Buddhism
Author Name: Sogyal Rinpoche
Price: US$ 15.95
Description: In The Spirit of Buddhism Sogyal Rinpoche draws on his twenty-five years of experience teaching in the modern world to reflect on some of the major issues surrounding the coming of Buddhism to the West. How will Buddhism adapt and find a place in Western society? How can the full power and benefit of these ancient teachings be accessed today? And how can practitioners be trained and supported? Sogyal Rinpoche discusses the vital role of the mind in health, the effects of training the mind in med
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Product ID: # 0198068670
Book Name: The Buddha And His Dhamma: A Critical Edition
Author Name: B.R. Ambedkar
Price: US$ 31.00
Description: B.R. Ambedkar\\s magnum opus, The Buddha and his Dhamma, was barely completed before his death and was published posthumously in 1957. The book is known for Ambedkar\\s review and analysis of the vast Buddhist canon and literature. This is the first critical edition of The Buddha and his Dhamma. Along with a new Introduction, it includes footnotes indicating sources and annotations explaining various topics of discussion. The annotations provide useful information on canons like Suttas and Dhamm
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Product ID: # 0861713710
Book Name: Essentials of Mahamudra: Looking Directly at the Mind
Author Name: Thrangu Rinpoche
Price: US$ 16.95
Description: The Tibetan Buddhist teachings on mahamudra are known for their ability to lead to profound realization. Peaceful and infinitely adaptable, these teachings are as useful for todays busy world as they have been for centuries.
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Product ID: # 0861715039
Book Name: Song for the King : Saraha on Mahamudra Meditation
Author Name: Thrangu Rinpoche
Price: US$ 14.95
Description: Mahamudra is the basic meditation practice for many Tibetan Buddhists, particularly of the Kagyu tradition. It is particularly adaptable for modern people, since it involves no rituals and can be incorporated into all daily activities. Sarahas Song for the King is a short verse text from classical India that is a basis for the tradition and is widely known in Tibetan Buddhist circles. It is often the basis for teachings given in the West, but there is only one outdated translation of it in print
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Product ID: # 1559320026
Book Name: Dharma Paths
Author Name: Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche
Price: US$ 17.95
Description: Dharma Paths, the first book of teachings by one of the most highly respected lamas in North America, is a broad and in depth introduction to Tibetan Buddhism. It cuts through the complexity of the Tibetan tradition, revealing a flexible approach based on our individual capacities. Without assuming an academic background or knowledge of Buddhist terminology, Dharma Paths presents both basic and quite advanced material, making the essence of the vast Tibetan teachings suprsingly accessible.
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Product ID: # 1559390468
Book Name: Instructions of Gampopa, A Precious Garland of the Supreme Path
Author Name: Gampopa / Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche
Price: US$ 14.95
Description: Since he has said this, you fortunate ones devoted to Lord Gampopa, please be diligent in the propagation of these texts. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche came to the United States in 1976 at the request of His Holiness the Sixteenth Karmapa to estabilsh the North American seat of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. Under Rinpoches guidance over twenty-five affiliated centers have formed, and the magnificent Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery in Woodstock, New York was constructed.
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Product ID: # 1559390573
Book Name: Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State
Author Name: Chogyal Namkai Norbu Rinpoche
Price: US$ 12.95
Description: As Chogyal Namkhai Norbu explains in this very readable book, our natural condition is self-perfected from the very beginning. What is necessary is that we re-awakwen and remain in our true nature. Through understanding and practice, we can rediscover the effortless knowledge of the Self-Perfected State that lies beyond our habitual anguish and confusion, and remain in this uninterrupted flow of contemplation, completely relaxed but fully present, through all activities. Rinpoche begins by clear
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Product ID: # 1559391200
Book Name: Supreme Source: The Kunjed Gyalpo
Author Name: Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and Adriano Clemente
Price: US$ 19.95
Description: The Fundamental Tantra of Dzogchen Semde Kunjed Gyalpo Dzogchen practice aims at reawakening the individual to the primordial state of enlightenment which is naturally found in all beings. The master introduces the student to his or her real nature, already perfected and enlightened, but it is only by recognizing this nature and remaining in this state of recognition in all daily activities that the student becomes a real Dzogchen practitioner. the direct path of self-liberation is very differe
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Product ID: # 155939174X
Book Name: GURU RINPOCHE: His Life and Times
Author Name: Ngawang Zangpo
Price: US$ 28.20
Description: To Tibetan Buddhists, Guru Rinpoche is a Buddha. This book recounts Guru Rinpoches historic visit to Tibet and explains his continuing significance to Buddhists. In doing so, it illustrates how a country whose powerful armies overran the capital of China and installed a puppet emperor came to abandon its aggressive military campaigns: this transformation was due to Guru Rinpoché, who tamed and converted Tibet to Buddhism and thereby changed the course of Asian history.
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Product ID: # 1559391847
Author Name: Richard Barron
Price: US$ 35.89
Description: Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye (1813-1899) was one of the most influential figures and prolific writers in the Tibetan Buddhist world. He was a founder and the single most important proponent of the nonsectarian movement that flourished in eastern Tibet and remains popular today. Two additional texts discuss his previous lives and recount Kongtruls final days.
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Product ID: # 1559392029
Book Name: Ninth Karmapas Ocean of Definitive Meaning
Author Name: Thrangu Rinpoche
Price: US$ 14.95
Description: The Ocean of Definitive Meaning by the Ninth Karmapa (1556-1603) is the most in-depth and famed text on Mahamudra ever written and is of vital importance in the living Kagyu tradition. It offers a detailed, uniquely comprehensive presentation of instructions on both the view and the practice. In the teachings contained in this book, Thrangu Rinpoche has distilled the essence of the Ninth Karmaps massive text into manageable proportions and has given pointed guidance on the implementation of its
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