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Books on Nepal
Books on Nepal

Product ID: # 0-231-04664-2
Book Name: Dangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters: Social and symbolic Roles of High-Caste Women in Nepal
Author Name: Lynn Bennett
Price: US$ 15.00
Description: This comprehensive study explores the ways in which the social and symbolic roles of high-caste Brahman-Chetri Nepali women combine to define their position in patrilineal Hindu society. A multilevel interpretation of the Hindu perception of women, the work examines the social, mythic, and ritual structures of the society with reference to a particular Hindu community and then details the ways in which individual women live within the ambivalences of their status and make their choices. The unit
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Product ID: # 0-299-11984-x
Book Name: Himalayan Dialogue: Tibetan Lamas and Gurung Shamans in Nepal
Author Name: Stan Royal Mumford
Price: US$ 19.00
Description: Here for the first time is a thorough anthropological study of Tibetan lamaism in dialogue with the Nepalese shaman tradition. It combines textual analysis with richly contextualised ethnographic data. Rites studied include exchanges with the underworld, demon exorcism, recalling the soul, and the famed guiding of the consciousness in the Tibetan death rite. "Anthropology in the grand style" - American Anthropologist
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Product ID: # 0-299-14494-1
Book Name: The Rulings of The NIght: An Ethnography of Nepalese Shaman Oral Texts
Author Name: Gregory G. Maskarinec
Price: US$ 15.00
Description: The Rulings of the Night offers something new to the anthropology of language and ritual. Built on impeccably careful fieldwork, and beautiful at times in its transparency, the book gets back to the words themselves in crafting an understanding of the deadly important play between shamanic prayers and social reality in the Nepal Himalayas. The authors novel focus on the pragmatics of everday speech is sure to provoke argument and a much needed one, at that), but, like the Nepali shamans mythic s
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Product ID: # 0-7002-0796-3
Book Name: Priests and Cobblers: A Study of Social Change in a Hindu Village in Western Nepal
Author Name: A. Patricia Caplan
Price: US$ 10.00
Description: This book is study of the changing relations between members of the priestly caste (Brahmins) and a group of untouchables (Cobblers). The study covers a periods of several decades up to the time of fieldwork at the end of the 1960s in a Hindu village in western Nepal. From a position of almost total economic dependence on the priestly caste, the untouchables had become increasingly independent because of the new opportunities available in the expanding economy of the area. As a result of this th
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Product ID: # 0-8014-8728-5
Book Name: Many Tongues, one people the Making of Tharu Identity in Nepal
Author Name: Arjun Guneratne
Price: US$ 19.00
Description: The Tharu of lowland Nepal are a culturally and linguistically diverse people who, only a few generations ago, would not have acknowledged each other as belonging to the dame ethnic group. Today the Tharu are actively redefining themselves in Nepals multiethnic polity. In many Tongues, One People, Arjun Guneratne argues that shared cultural symbols-including religion, language, and common myths of descent-are not a necessary condition for the existence of a shared sense of peoplehood.
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Product ID: # 019566611-9
Book Name: The Anthropology of Buddhism and Hinduism
Author Name: David N. Gellner
Price: US$ 15.00
Description: The Anthropology of Buddhism and Hinduism Author: David N. Gellner
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Product ID: # 0231123914
Book Name: High Frontiers
Author Name: Kenneth Michael Bauer
Price: US$ 17.95
Description: High Frontiers Author: Kenneth Michael Bauer
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Product ID: # 130978086171517
Book Name: Horses Like Lightning: A Story of Passage Through the Himalayas
Author Name: Sienna Craig
Price: US$ 16.95
Description: A tender account?by turns cultural exploration and memoir of a young womans firsthand experience of change and continuity in one of the worlds most remote regions, through the lens of the horse and horse culture. At just 19, Sienna Craig made her first venture deep into Mustang, an ethnically Tibetan area of Nepal, in the rainshadow of the Himalayas. As an equestrian and a budding anthropologist, she sought not only to understand what it was like to rely on horses to navigate through the windswe
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Product ID: # 81-7303-010-3
Book Name: Himalayan Households: Tamang Demography and Domestic Processes
Author Name: Thomas E Fricke
Price: US$ 20.00
Description: Himalayan Households: Tamang Demography and Domestic Processes Author: Thomas E Frick
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Product ID: # 81-7303-177-0
Book Name: Tantric Healing in the Kathmandu Valley
Author Name: Angela Dietrich
Price: US$ 25.00
Description: Tantric Healing in the Kathmandu Valley Author: Angela Dietrich
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Product ID: # 81-87138-17-3
Author Name: Broughton Coburn
Price: US$ 20.00
Description: Born almost a century ago in to the Gurung tribe, her given name was Vishu Maya Gurung, but her relatives and villagers call her Aama (mother). She speaks with a salty candor about her everyday world - farming her rice paddies and millet fields, vigorously climbing trees to gather fodder for her water buffalo, brewing herbs and trekking for weeks on pilgrimage to 12,000 feet in the Himalayas.
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Product ID: # 8124604983
Book Name: Manthanabhairavatantram, Kumarikakhandah 12 vol
Author Name: Dyczkowski, Mark S.G.
Price: US$ 500.00
Description: The Manthanabhairavatantra is about 24,000 verses long and is divided into three sections (khanda). The one edited and translated here is the Kumarikakhanda. Along with the Kubjikamata, the Manthanabhairavatantra is the most important and extensive Tantra dedicated to the worship of the goddess Kubjika. Although originally an Indian goddess, Kubjika is almost exclusively worshipped in the Kathmandu Valley, where her cult has been kept scrupulously secret by Newar initiates for centuries. Almost
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Product ID: # 8129109964
Author Name: Milan Ratna Shakya
Price: US$ 20.00
Description: Ganesa, the elephant-headed god, is a popular deity all over South Asia. Worshipped as Vighnesvara or Vighnaraja, Ganesa is propitiated before embarking on any venture as he is the remover of bstacles, the regulator of success, and symbolizes auspicious beginnings. Ganesa in Medieval Nepal is not only relevant in Nepal, but in all regions where Hinduism is followed. This book is complete study of the Ganesa cult.
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Product ID: # 8129110962
Author Name: D.R.Regmi
Price: US$ 30.00
Description: In Modern Nepal (Volume I) he has covered that era when Nepal as a state emerged in its present form around the late eighteenth century, when the small hill kingdom of Gorkha, some eighty miles west of Kathmandu, brought much of the Himalayan foothills and an adjoining stip of the North Indian plain under its control. Various small states were then merged into a nation and a different ruling dynasty took over power. The Shah dynasty began to rule and Malla dynasty rule came to an end. In describ
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Product ID: # 8129110970
Author Name: D.R.Regmi
Price: US$ 80.00
Description: The first of a two-part series on Medieval Nepal, this volume deals with the period following the decline of the Licchavi dynasty, which witnessed little growth in the geographical or administrative power of the Nepalese state. This is arguably the least understood time in Nepal’s history, and the author – with only a few inscriptional sources supplemented by some dated religious manuscripts – has tried to bring to light Nepal as it was at that time. Included in the book are descriptions o
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Product ID: # 8184701705
Book Name: Reading Himalayan Landscapes over Time: Environmental Perception, Knowledge and Practice in Nepal an
Author Name: Jolle Smadja
Price: US$ 40.00
Description: The authors of this book propose a new interpretation of the diversity and transformation of Himalayan landscapes through a study of the relationship between Nepalese and Ladakhi societies and their environment. Natural data on the range, demography, perceptions and representations of environments, their history, current examples of resource management are the subject of often unprecedented investigations. By associating studies from various disciplines, local knowledge, meticulous fieldwork,
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Product ID: # 9-789937-819404
Book Name: Education in nepal Problems,Reforms and Social Change
Author Name: Pramod Bhatta
Price: US$ 15.00
Description: Education in nepal Problems,Reforms and Social Change
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Product ID: # 974-524-024-9
Book Name: Journey to Mustang
Author Name: Giuseppe Tucci
Price: US$ 25.00
Description: In this new edition of his travelogue of an exploratory trek through western Nepal in 1952, the legendary linguist an Tibetologist, Guiseppi Tucci, describes his experiences and discoveries as the first 20th century western scholar to travel through the region. His account preserves an invaluable record of the art, culture, social and religious practices of the inhabitants of Mustang, prior to the inevitable changes that have since occurred, with the intrusion of the modern world and regional po
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