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Tibet and Tibetan Studies
Tibet and Tibetan Studies books from Nepal

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Book Name: Jokhang: Tibet\'s Most Sacred Buddhist Temple
Author Name: Gyurme Dorje
Price: US$ 60.00
Description: A definitive and beautifully illustrated book on this sacred Tibetan site.
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Book Name: The Tibet Journal: The Earth Ox Papers
Author Name: Roberto Vitali (Editor)
Price: US$ 30.00
Description: The Tibet Journal The Earth Ox Papers
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Product ID: # 0-19-514672-7
Book Name: Empty Words Buddhist Philosophy and Cross – Cultural Interpratation
Author Name: Jay L. Garfield
Price: US$ 30.76
Description: Jay Garfields magisterial translation of Nagarjunas Mulamadhyamakakukarika (The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way) has established itself as the definitive edition of this foundational Indian Buddhist philosophical text. Nagarjuna is the founder-and his work the foundational text-of the Madhyamaka (or Middle Path) school of Mahayana, Buddhism, which predominates in Tibet, China, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. In this book, a companion and supplement to his translation and commentary, Ga
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Product ID: # 0-19-515413-4
Book Name: The Hidden History of the Tibetan Book of the Dead
Author Name: Bryan J. Guevas
Price: US$ 35.90
Description: This book provides not only a fascinating look at a popular and enduring spiritual work, but also a much-needed corrective to the proliferation of a historical scholarship surrounding The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
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Product ID: # 0-8048-3421-0
Book Name: Tibetan Rescue The Extraordinary Quest to Save the Sacred Art Treasures of Tibet
Author Name: Pamela Logan
Price: US$ 25.65
Description: Tibetan Rescue The Extraordinary Quest to Save the Sacred Art Treasures of Tibet Author: Pamela Logan
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Product ID: # 0-8050-4382-9
Book Name: Virtual Tibet Searching for Shangri-la from the Himalayas to Hollywood
Author Name: Orville Schell
Price: US$ 12.82
Description: What has made remote, mountainous Tibet and its only real celebrity, the Dalai Lama, so abidingly fascinating to the West? In Virtual Tibet, Orville Schell, One of the preeminent experts on modern China and Tibet, undertakes a strange and wondrous odyssey into our Tibetan fantasies. He recounts
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Product ID: # 0-86171-179-3
Book Name: Among Tibetan Texts History & Literature of the Himalayan Plateau
Author Name: E. Gene Smith
Price: US$ 39.74
Description: E. Gene Smith ran the Library of Congress Tibetan Text Publication Project of the United States Public Law 480-an effort to salvage and reprint the Tibetan literature that has been saved by the exile community or by members of the Tibetan-speaking communites of Sikkim, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. Smith wrote prefaces to these reprinted books to help clarify and contextualize the particular Tibetan texts: the preface served as body of foreign literature. Originally produced in print quantities of t
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Product ID: # 0231136803
Book Name: Lhasa: Streets with Memories
Author Name: Robert Barnett
Price: US$ 25.65
Description: Lhasa: Streets with Memories Author: Robert Barnett
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Product ID: # 1-4000-4100-7
Author Name: Patrick French
Price: US$ 12.82
Description: TIBET, TIBET A PERSONAL HISTORY of a LOST LAND Author: Patrick French
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Product ID: # 1-85065-653-3
Book Name: Women in Tibet
Author Name: Janet Gyatso and Hanna Havnevik
Price: US$ 11.54
Description: This specially commissioned volume explores the struggles and accomplishments of women from both past and present-day Tibet. Here are queens fro, the imperial period, yoginis and religious teachers of medieval times, Buddhist nuns, oracles, political workers, medical doctors, and performing artists. Most of the chapters focus on the lives of individual women, whether from textual sources or from anthropological data, and show that Tibetan women have found ways to assume leadership roles and to
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Product ID: # 1-87138-21-1
Book Name: The Sacred Myth of Shangri-La
Author Name: Peter Bishop
Price: US$ 10.00
Description: Tibet, Travel, Writing and the Western Creation of Sacred Landscape Peter Bishop teaches at the South Australian College of advanced Education and has travelled widely in Tibet. Each generation creates its Own Tibet, drawing upon accounts of Tibetan and Himalayan travel and exploration, both fact and fiction, the author surveys the many ways in which these myths have developed and changed from the late eighteenth-century to the present day and he analyses these myths from a Jungian standpo
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Product ID: # 13406787
Book Name: New Research on Zhanggzhung and related Himalayan Language
Author Name: Yasuhiki Nagano. Randy J. Lapolla
Price: US$ 200.00
Description: New Research on Zhanggzhung and related Himalayan Bon Studies 3 National Musuem of Ethnology Osaka 2001
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Product ID: # 139780861712953
Book Name: Divine Stories: Divyavadana, Part 1
Author Name: Andy Rotman
Price: US$ 24.95
Description: The Divyavadana is an enormous compendium of Indian Buddhist narratives written in Sanskrit from the early centuries of the Common Era, whose stories have since spread throughout Asia, as both narrative and narrative art, leaving an indelible mark on Buddhist thought and practice. The stories in the collection were frequently used in the education of both monastics and laity in premodern Asia, exerting a powerful influence as moral exempla and legal precedent, and they were considered by many to
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Product ID: # 4901906127
Book Name: A Catalogue of the Bon Kanjur
Author Name: Danmartin Per kaverne Yasuhiko Nagano
Price: US$ 200.00
Description: A Catalogue of the Bon Kanjur Bon studies 8 National Museum of Ethnology Osaka 2003.
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Product ID: # 4901906364
Book Name: Feast of the morning light
Author Name: Samten G.Karmey
Price: US$ 150.00
Description: The Eighteenth century wood engravings of Shenrabs life stories and Bon canon from gyalrong Bon Studies 9
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Product ID: # 81-215-0830-4
Book Name: Religious of Tibet in practice
Author Name: Donald S. Lopez, Jr.
Price: US$ 13.33
Description: Religious of Tibet in Practice is a land mark work, the fiest major anthology in the topic ever produced. It presents a stunning array of works (hagiographies, pilgrimage guides, prayers, accounts of visits to hell, epics, conservation manuals, sermons, and unparalleled view of the realities of cultural domain over the centuries. The volume provides a wealth of voices nuanced understanding of the religions of Tibet.
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Product ID: # 81-86230-68-8
Book Name: TIBET: A Political History
Author Name: Tsepon W.D. Shakabpa
Price: US$ 15.00
Description: Tibet has long captured the imagination of the world for its unique religious traditions and its awesome remoteness on the “roof of the world,” but its actual history and the role it has played in the Asian political arena are less well known. In this book, the first of its kind in English by an eminent Tibetan scholar, we are given the full account of the Tibetan nation, from its earliest civilizations up to the tragedy of the current Chinese occupation.
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Product ID: # 81-86470-22-0
Book Name: Sacred Spaces and Powerful places in Tibetan Culture
Author Name: Toni Huber
Price: US$ 10.25
Description: The essays in this volume all attempt to document and interpret ways in which Tibetan peoples have identified and related to different categories of space and place as being unique or of higher ontological value, and as being set apart from many other spheres and sites of human life. The focus of the collection is intentionally broad, and its very breadth reflects the multitude of traditions of thinking about space and place which can be found in Tibetan culture, and which have also been associa
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