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Himalayan region

By the Way of the Border

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Author: Maximillian Morch


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Book Size: 8.5 x 5.5
Pages: 198 Pages
ISBN: 9789937933001
Published date: 4/5/2019

About the Book

Whilst studying for a master’s degree in Nepal, Maximillian travelled to some of the furthest and least known corners of Nepal, travelling from the Far West Himalayas and old Tibetan trade routes to the politically charged plains of southern Nepal. In this collection of travels, we see another side to Nepal than just tales of Everest, this is the history and society of a country often misunderstood. Th is journey takes us from the largest glacial lake in the country to lunch with shamans, to conversations with failed Gurkha recruits and encounters with tigers and tourists. Along the journey, Maximillian discusses Nepali history, Nepali politics, the Gorkha Kingdom, Development, Indo-Nepali relations, Gurkhas and the inherent faults with mountaineering and travel literature in Nepal Maximillian is a journalist and researcher who spent three years studying in Nepal, who specialises in writing and researching political, developmental and human rights issues in South and South East Asia.