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Himalayan region

Recent Researches in Indian Art and Iconography

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Author: Bhagwant Sahai


About the book: this collection of fifty-one articles brings to light the recent trends in the study of sculptural art, iconography and architecture and focuses on the different aspects of indian art these papers are contributed by the eminent scholars expert in their fields from different parts of india and presented in honor of in honor of dr cp sinha, former director of the prestigious kp jayaswal research institute, patna the papers, written in wide and expressive style are supported with several photographs and illustrations this book will prove to be an invaluable asset to the art historians, researchers, libraries and also to the students contents: 1 concept and motifs of prehistoric rock art in india/ atul chandra bhowmick; 2 musical elements in indian rock paintings/ kumar anand; 3 a culture based on osteokeratic artefacts, unearthed from pandurajar dhobi, burdwan/ tapas banerjee; 4 a terracotta art model of a double-edged-axe served as votive object from maner (bihar)/ s c saran; 5 eguvakantala cheruvu: a unique megalithic complex in chittoor district/ v ramabrahman; 6 taurine symbol on stone discs from murtaziganj and other places/ a l srivastava; 7 significance of symbolizing first sermon of the buddha at sarnath/ bimalendra kumar; 8 bead craft during maurya period/ durga basu; 9 relief sculptures from bharhut and sanchi: a stylistic study/ basudeo narain; 10 lotus in early buddhist art of sanchi/ manjusri roy; 11 urban delineation in sanchi panels: fanciful or real/ u n roy; 12 buddhas life-scenes from pauni, district bhandara/ chandrashekhar gupta; 13 further discovery of a plaque representing rhinoceros unicornis from dum dum excavation, west bengal: an observation/ chhanda das; 14 a new light on a unique syncretistic deity in the collection of the